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Solaris Academy

Putting employee development first

What all organisations look for are competent people which have already been fully trained in their previous workplaces. It is not until we realise that it is our duty, as well as an opportunity , to work with our employees and nurture them to become evermore competent rather than looking for fully formed candidates, however, that we will have found the path towards becoming truly efficient.

At the Consorzio Solaris, we have created a housekeeper training department, Solaris Academy, which aims to create a division of professionals who are fundamental to the core of the hotel industry: The floor maids. These professional figures are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction in relation to the quality of room services.

The course aims to train them to be able to ensure the tidiness and cleanliness of rooms as well as communal areas within the hotels. In fact, floor maids are tasked with the tidying, cleaning and maintenance of hotel rooms as well as of all the furnishings within. In addition, they are responsible for the safekeeping of guests’ personal belongings, for tending to the individual needs of guests to the best of their ability, and in doing so, for personalising room services according to specific requests.

Solaris Academy not only offers technical training but also behavioural development support in relation to areas such as personal grooming, language skills, the need for guaranteeing confidentiality and discretion as well as to encouraging the necessary moral and ethical sensibilities.

The Solaris Academy employs lecturers and training and support staff with strong experience in housekeeping to run masters and general training courses as well as post graduate diplomas in this field.

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Training course programme

The course includes 4 phases:

  1. Classroom training

    • Business presentation ( 2 hours ): Consortium Solaris and Solaris Academy presentation.
    • Theoretical Housekeeper Training (6 ore): theoretical training for the acquisition of knowledge and working methods in relation to the housekeeping department. Cleaning techniques, health and hygiene regulations, organisational skills, team work, english language.
    • Theoretical Security Training (8 ore): theoretical training on ensuring health and safety in the workplace.
  2. Company matching:

    • Practical Housekeeper Training (24 ore): practical training. Professionals will be trained on skills including bed making, the maintenance and tidying of rooms, bathrooms and communal areas, ensuring bathroom accessories are present and, if necessary, replenishing toiletries, checking the consumption of and keeping the contents of minibars stocked, informing the relevant floor manager ( for the housekeeping ) of any issues within the rooms of surrounding areas.
  3. Final course exam:

    • Final test (4 ore): the professionals will take a final exam that tests their practical and theoretical learnings, with the aim of evaluating their competency (nknowledge and ability ) as a result of completing the course.
  4. Workplace support

    • Incoming: the professionals who successfully complete the training course will be entrusted to the housekeeping department of the hotel facility that will be monitoring their professional development. Lecturers will run evaluations and advice sessions for them during this time.

The Solaris Academy’s goal is to offer highly qualified training, focused on professional development and intended to improve results. Through its research, meetings, planning and testing, Solaris Academy, presents itself as a place of learning for all those associated with it; a real “ workshop for professional development “. We certainly do not expect all those involved to achieve this goal, but we do expect our strategic vision for Quality to become ever more incisive. This is because Quality forms the foundations on wich Consortium Solaris is built.