Solaris Group

Consorzio Solaris offers nationwide services through highly trained staff. Each department operates to support its clients by managing its own accounting, remuneration, control, security, quality control, recruitement and training.

This is achieved by employing specialist professionals from quality managers and managing directors to receptionists, doormen, housekeepers, waiters, porters, barmen, room maids, chefs, dish washing staff, handy men and gardeners.

Consorzio Solaris boasts a streamlined and efficient corporate structure, comprised of highly qualified and competitive companies within their respective markets.

Only after careful screening can companies succeed in getting through the quality control to join the Consorzio. This process allows the Consorzio Solaris to guarantee multiple, specialised services ranging from ordinary and deep cleaning to private and industrial cleaning, porterage as well as the organisation, design, planning and directing of logistical activities, the management of canteens and the processing of accounting.